pediatric dentist Calgary

Pediatric Dentist Calgary

Pediatric Dentist Calgary

Pediatric Dentist Calgary – We have a different environment as compared to other dentists in Calgary.  Where you would normally see a row of seats, we have a play area.  Toys are often scattered in the kids play zone and it is normal for staff members to frequently join the the fun. We understand “kids will be kids” and we like it that way.

Dental Care For Children

Pediatric dental care for children is quite different from a normal dental clinic in Calgary.  Being that we are a specialist Childrens dentist in Calgary, we are “naturals” with children.  Somehow, we agree that we are the same age and can relate to each other.  Our dental hygienist is a master of child psychology…kids just have too much fun with her.

Sedation Dentistry For Children

Sometimes children are just too afraid of the dentist.  If they just can’t stay still or the fear is too strong, we may need to use sedation dentistry.  Conscious sedation allows children to continually communicate, follow instructions, and cooperate during the entire procedure.  It vastly reduces the risk of injury.  Sedation helps children relax, cope, and feel happier about treatment.


I happened to find your pediatric dental office after leaving the gym one day. I came in and was greeted so nicely and have always had the same service every time. Dr. Kelly has always been so sweet to my kids and they have always had a great experience at your office! Our former dentist did not have the nicest staff and I am thankful for finding you that day after the gym!

About 2 years ago, my daughter broke her tooth the first weekend we lived here. It could have been a traumatic experience for her, but Dr Kelly made her feel very comfortable and it ended up being an awesome first experience for her. My kids now look forward to coming to their dental appointments. You know when you walk in, this is going to be a special place

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Childrens Dentist Calgary

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Pediatric Dentist Calgary – We are the Calgary dentists that your kids will be excited to visit. Fully equipped play area.  Sedation dentistry available.