free dental care Calgary

Free Dental Care Calgary

Free Dental Care Calgary

Free Dental Care Calgary –  The province of Alberta in partnership with the Calgary Health region has a oral health program for folks who cannot afford dental care for themselves or their children.  Dental care coverage includes free basic health benefits and routine dental services.  You may have more coverage if you have insurance from AISH, NHIB, Alberta Works, Child Health Benefits and private insurance. Please bring proof of insurance with you.

Low Income Dentistry Calgary

Low Income Dentistry Calgary – The Alberta Government provides financial assistance for dental coverage for low to moderate income seniors. If you qualify, you can use the dentist of your choice. Coverage amounts are based on income and can be up to 100% of the dental fees, with a $5000.00 maximum every 5 years.  Seniors who are not currently enrolled will need to complete a Seniors Financial Assistance application form.

Affordable Dentist Calgary

Affordable Dentist Calgary – We are a high quality dentitist, but still affordable.  Not everyone has the cash sitting around for the complete dental treatment… and many times we can do the treatment in steps so you don’t have to take the big step right away.  We’ll address the highest priority needs first and try to do preventive treatments so you may even be able to avoid the more expensive treatment.  You can even get the treatment done and make payments for several years afterwards if needed.  We’ll work with you to maintain your health first and foremost.


I’ve been a patient here for along time (probably 10 yeas or more) and have never been less than completely satisfied with the care. It’s a very efficient friendly office, the staff, especially the hygienists (sp?) are wonderful too to spend time with and make the cleanings a pleasure. The doctors care has always been exceptional.

He knew I had a bad fear so he talked me through the whole thing and made me laugh quite a bit to lighten the mood.. I originally planned to just get my teeth cleaned to appease my girlfriend and just ignore all the other dental work that needed to be done, but because I had such an excellent experience with him I plan to go back and get all the necessary work finished (which is a lot mind you, 5 cavities and a broken tooth)

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Free Dental Care Calgary | Low Income Affordable Dentist Calgary

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Free Dental Care Calgary – You may qualify under AISH, NHIB, Alberta Works, Seniors programs or Child Health Benefits…Or make affordable monthly payments

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